mandag 5. februar 2018

Dagen vaknar

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  1. Sadly, I was unable to translate your poem, but having (in my youth, some 50 years ago!) travelled in your beautiful country, am allowing my imagination to "read" your words. Back then I stayed in a tiny log cabin set in the middle of an orchard at the top of the Hardanger Fjord - looking down to the water from that vantage point, the car/passenger ferry looked as small as a matchbox! It was a glorious experience and I am grateful that the memory lingers to this day. Thank you for sharing your spectacular part of our world.

  2. Yes, it's really a spectacular country! I love the nature around Hardangerfjorden - it has got both high, steep mountains and deep fjords. I'm living, and the picture above is taken, a bit further south.

    I'll give you, and whoever that would be interested, a rough translation of the poem:

    nobody whispers with your voice
    before you move
    your lips
    let out the sounds, softly
    and warm
    like a blanket of silk
    over my room

    a sun beam passes
    the window over my bed
    over my duvet cover

    settles softly against my eyes
    and I can hear the song,
    the whispering sounds
    singing me into the day