onsdag 14. januar 2015


reaching for the outer world
- longing for some sunshine
and the utter freedom
in ability to move
wherever her mind says: go!

reaching for her role model
- moving, oh so quickly!
across the starry sky,
leading the way
to a promised land;
there will be no more walls –

reaching for those promises
- unseen, concealed
like a seed, planted in the very core
of her inner being;
longing for the free run,
longing for the wind beneath her wings –

15 kommentarer:

  1. Wonderful poem and great capture for it.

    Smiley for you xoxo

  2. How clever--I wonder if this was a lucky capture, or if you planned it that way.

  3. Goodness this is a fun photo! Amazing capture too! #BWWednesdays

  4. Worth a thousand words! Fantastic BW shot! Adorable too!

    Happy Week to you,

  5. This is great....was this conincidence or did you plan this shot?

  6. Flott komponert bilde, effekten er stilig!
    Her er mitt bidrag: https://hanshb.wordpress.com/

  7. Thank you for your nice comments! This shot was not planned. Our little one-year-old had just learned to walk, and was eager to stand up at any situation. She got a glimpse of her sister and mother out the window, from the other side of the living room, and wanted, very much, to watch them closer... And she got, I just had to capture her first... So, if you want to ad sound to the picture, you can imagine the sound of a little one who just can say one single word, and saying that word very load: "Mamma! Mamma! Mamma! Mamma!"

    By the way, this is the same window I used as an illustration to the poem Our House, which is the most read on my blog: http://englepappa.blogspot.no/2014/09/our-house.html

  8. A most wonderful picture! You captured the right moment! Yes -I can hear her shouting " Mamma"

  9. Vilken fantastisk bild, passar perfekt både till utmaningen och texten.