fredag 12. juni 2015

Two minutes more

he was a braggart
by heart

- whatever you do
I’ll do it two minutes more!

so I walked on my hands,
he did it – two minutes longer

I ran my legs off
he lasted – two minutes more

I kept my mouth quiet
but spoke – two minutes before him

then I fell into sleep
he woke – two  minutes later

and so we went on,
my annoyance grew tall

at last I decided to hold my breath
and he – 

8 kommentarer:

  1. A bright idea! Very nice take on the prompt.

  2. LOL :D Wonder if he lasted the two minutes more. Lovely take :)

    Dear Englepappa,
    I request you to give a word prompt for Set The Challenge Sunday day after tomorrow :)
    Please give a comment either on an A P E D post or at my blog before Saturday noon (India time).

    Thanks! :D

  3. I liked it very much..A very unique take on the prompt.. I am sure he breathed.. :))

    Do take two minutes more to read me here:

  4. Oh, how very clever! I really liked this. Great job with the prompt!