lørdag 13. juni 2015

Something new

there’s a new life awaiting
my decision to trust
the ability to be

there’s an old voice slumbering
under the glassy surface,
waiting for my feet to stumble

there’s an old voice
with a frightful laughter
filling my ears when I fall

there’s a new voice, mildly encouraging
my faltering attempts
to stand solid

it will take years of trust
and a lifetime of hope

it will take all your guts
and demand all your strength

it will crave your heart
from its very core to its utter limits

and you will feel like sinking
and you will feel like flying

and you will be leaded
down unknown roads and distant waters

and all you are and all you have
and all you ever dreamed of

will be replaced
and it will be totally
worth it –

(Fototriss, APED prompt 14)

6 kommentarer:

  1. It took me somewhere.. beautifully conceived.

  2. Halloj!
    Bild nummer 2 så vackert & det du skriver likaså ♥

  3. there is a music playing in the new life, in both the old and new voices and in the faith, and trust...beautifully composed...

  4. starting off with a seasonal flavour of spring then winter; you diffused into all time being and faith in that being, a nice meandering

    have a good Sunday

    much love...