tirsdag 2. juni 2015

I can't unsay

I said the word
I let it flee
from the edge of my heart,
the darker corner
where my conscious is blind
and the word picked up speed
from this room –
went through walls and air
through dimensions unknown
and hit you
where it hurt the most

and how I wish it was unsaid
and how I know
it can’t 

(APED - through thick and thin)

4 kommentarer:

  1. beautiful. and haunting, kind of. sometimes, we hit those who matter where it hurts the most. inadvertently, of course. but still.

  2. Åh! Usagt ... Å ville ta tilbake. ..
    Ja, det vil ein ofte. ..
    Går berre ikkje ann. .. :'(

  3. I'm particularly enamored of your title here. So true.

  4. we can never unsay... and that's is why we have to be so careful with every word...I liked the way you expressed it..