mandag 8. september 2014

Land of us

this is the building
this land is the soil -

from the silent
we stretched out our hands

grabbing hold of
the ground – the property of the living;

we are the ones
walking the waters

eyes sliding over horizons,
hands to the skies

and feet growing deeper
into the ground

diverted – no;
whole, like the completeness of air

fragile, but strong
ever higher, ever wider and deeper

till the sight embraces our heart,
fills up the empty spaces

and kneeling is the only way
to keep going

8 kommentarer:

  1. Your world is very beautiful and wonderful photography for OWT!

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

  2. Magnificent scenery but I am sure it is very very cold in winter!

  3. Beautiful landscapes and words.

  4. Beautiful mountains and photos - they remind me of our local mountains.

  5. jeg fik helt tårer i øjnene af dit digt.
    fine billeder også. klem, laila.

  6. Such a wide expanse of land and sky has a beauty all of its own.

  7. Beautiful shots. I am always attracted to Norwegian landscapes and photography.