tirsdag 25. mars 2014

Good Random Fun v. 12


I’ve got a hunger for life
no food can satisfy,
no fun can fulfill, no possession
can complete

I’ve got a hunger for life
but the real
the clean
the life that never dies –

New life

new life arises
from the ashes of last summer,
covered by the white clean sheets
of winter –

beyond the death, beyond
the heavy sleep, beyond the silence
new life arises
bones restored –
a new breath now resides this body
and this time stay for ever


they’re a gift, a blessing
given undeserved,
a loan of enormous value
to the lucky man, the lucky woman
surrounding the little body
with loving care and eyes
reflecting living gold,
praying they will be found good
managing the task of nurturing
Gods ever growing flower bed!

(Good Random Fun)

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