tirsdag 11. februar 2014

Visual fjords

I see no reasons to be modest... I'll show you why you should love the Norwegian fjords!

I’m walking a winding road,
along the shores of my fjords,
where my eyes have been filled
with visions of great splendour
each and every day of my life;

The boats, the water, the seagulls,
water ever moving, never resting,
running along the highway of the seas,
returning to my shores again and again,
and my feet are moving, my mind
are wandering like the water cycle –
always returning to this very point:

Me standing on the shores of beauty,
sighing silently – letting the nature fill my senses,
standing happy, standing peacefully,
never ever wanting to leave this very spot –

My soul is resting on the waves,
all my memories, all my days
are coloured in gradations of blue
and grey and troubled black and white
- I’ve never seen the water
in equal shades…
and my soul is engraved
by washing billows on my inner shores –

If my soul is water,
Your love is my sky

If my mind is like waves,
Your love is my wind

If my life is like moving seas,
Your love is the steady stars up above

If my life get shattered against the stony shores,
Your love is the light that mends

If my heart is a deep ocean of coldness,
Your love is my warming sun –

Life is uncertain, ever changing
while the clock is ticking
towards eternity,
and what has been
will never return
and what is to come
will never be known before it’s time

You’ve got today
That’s all, my friend –

Sit down, calm your spirit,
breathe in fresh air –

before you straighten your back
and walk out the door, towards
your everyday new life –

This is my shelter,
this is my cover from the inner storms –

Walking along the shores,
sitting on the stones,

where the pieces suddenly fits,
and life itself gets back on its feet,

come, walk with me,
let your soul come to rest by my fjords!

5 kommentarer:

  1. Exquisite imagery in both photo and word… your poems and pictures are all deeply inspiring.

  2. I live on a fjord in British Columbia that was turned into a fresh water lake after the land rebounded after the ice age glaciers retreated. Maybe I like it so much because my ancestors lived on the fjords of Norway. - Margy

  3. Jeg trenger ingen overbevisning om verdien av norske fjorder - jeg ser flere hver eneste dag :-)
    Men skulle jeg ha hatt det, ville dette innlegget ha gjort det. For en Vestlending ble det nok de gamle naust som vant.

  4. Ingen grunn til beskjedenhet :-))