søndag 8. desember 2013


From the mountain tops,
gathering the rain got lost –
quenching my dry throat

(haiku heights)

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  1. Very nice photos. Is writing haiku harder than writing other verses?

  2. In some ways, yes, because of the strict rules. When you have only 5-7-5 syllables, you have to be economical with your words... I believe I've read that in real haiku poems, there shall be no pronouns. By that rule, only the last one of todays haiku are a real haiku. There shall also be a contrast between the first and the last line. If the first line is about happiness, the last should be about sorrow etc. That is the hardest rule, and I seldom manage to follow it. But the hardest part of writing these haiku, was the language... In norwegian I've got a bit more control of what's legal to write or not, and getting my spellings correct.

    But, by all this said, I love to write haiku poems - it's a challenge and it sharpens the brain!

  3. Beautiful haiku. You are so disciplined to the craft and I love the image as well. Great post!!

  4. "Raindrop adventurers" what a great phrase.

  5. Very creative photography ~ love the water and the texture ~ for OWT ~ thanks, carol, xxx

  6. Very nice - I especially like the idea of the adventurers returning home!