onsdag 2. oktober 2013

Morning life

Early morning, morning sounds
are coming from the woods
I’m driving in my car, listening
to music
set against the morning quiet;
It’s loud, it's keeping me awake,
the deafening noise of hard rock worship –

Along the narrow, winding roads
Along the western fjords –
on my way to work, the day
has just begun
I am a happy man

In the sky a plane appears
out of the blue
A flying aircraft, metal vehicle
of plenty powers –
carrying inhabitants
so far away from here

What are you thinking, all you people,
sitting in your flying seats, high above the ground?
Are you drinking coffee, reading papers,
wiping eyes, withdrawing every piece of night?
Are you happy?
I wonder –
Are you happy…

Then their gone, I’m by myself again,
and the road leads
further on
towards my day, towards my life –

No one will ever know about
the meeting on the road,
it’s like it never happened –

(linka til Ein stück himmel hos Tina's PicStory)

9 kommentarer:

  1. vad härligt om man hade suttit i det planet
    Kram Meta

  2. What a great poem to go with the photo

  3. Wonderful words for a beautiful picture!

  4. Fantastic sky photos!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  5. a beautiful way to start your day:-)

  6. what a great sky photo
    the poem is wonderful!

    greetings from Germany
    Traudi aus dem Geheimen Garten