mandag 15. april 2013

From above

All these people
walking earthly ground;
Wealthy men and poor men,
Confident or frail,
Beauty girls and brittle oldies,
Seamen, landmen, thieves
and priests,
beggars, salesmen, kings and slaves…

All these people
living on the planet earth, measuring
each other with a standard out of reach
Taking turn; knocking down each other
- at the head and to the ground --

Take a good look, watch them closely,
from a great height – from above,
and you’ll see:
They’re all the same, you cannot part them
from each other:
It’s head and body, feet and arms,
and a common longing for life
to be good and free from judge…

(Mitt bidrag til Tina's picstory: From above)

2 kommentarer:

  1. yes!!! is the dock of barcelona!!!
    great photo, from where you take it? cable car of Montjuïc or the viewpoint of Cristòfol Colom?

    great words

    I'm ready for the next ;)
    have a great monday